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Today is Wednesday, 16 October 2019 r.   
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The application is free for private and commercial use.

If You have any questions or ideas please mail me at ceregeditor@mdsoft.pl

Does application need any additional tools to install od PDA?
No. No additional tools are needed to be instaled.
What are requirements for application to work?
Theare are no any special requirements for application to work.If the Windows works, the CeRegEditor works too.
Can I edit registry with Bluetooth?
The application uses ActiveSync connection to work with PDA's registry. If the ActiveSync is configured to work with Bluetooth connection, the CeRegEditor will use it.
While I trying to edit keys or values in registry, the application shows "Access denied".
The opperating system of PDA, bloks any writes to registry. To disable blocade, please use the tool embedded into CeRegEditor, Tools-> Unlock registry.
I have more questions regarding the application. Where I can find more information?
Please write me an email ceregeditor@mdsoft.pl or read this forum. It's in Polish but maybe it can be useful ;)
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